Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to the man who changed a B&W reality into a very vibrant and colourful dream

Since the dawn of time (Season 2 of Sherlock -ish!), I have adored this specific person; initially I was surprised that anyone would make such a big fuss about an actor, one that I haven't really heard about before either (yes, I live under a rock). I've been a fan of Alan Rickman for the longest time, but it was like any other love: I would watch his films, keep up to date with any news related to him and then finally in 2015 I met him (sorry, I am getting sidetracked).

But never before have I ever become a fan of an actor, a strange looking actor (at the time I thought he looked like an alien, Benedict is definitely not a conventional beauty), who brought so much joy into my life. Not in the way you're probably thinking, I don't spend every moment of my life staring at pictures of Benedict, I don't dig up personal information or stalk the man (boundaries, my dears, boundaries). But I have crossed paths with some of the best people in the world thanks to him. 

Or maybe not really him, but thanks to BBC Sherlock, where he is the main character. I suppose they are interchangeable by this point; because I would never have come across Benedict (I probably would have thanks to Imitation Game or Doctor Strange, but not that early on, I suppose) if not for Sherlock, which my dear friend Bella forced me to watch. 

Thanks, chick!

Oftentimes, I will think about this past year and a half, and I can honestly and truly say that they have been the most beautiful few months of my entire existence. I suppose part of it comes from living in my favourite city and the autonomy of living alone, but if it wasn't for Benedict Carlton Cumberbatch, I would never have met half the amazing, truly life changing people who stumbled into my life. 

I am terribly lucky. Not many people can be a fan of a creative presence and reap the benefits of it in such an amazing way. 

It will not even come as a surprise if I say that you Sherlock bunch are the most accepting and loving group of people I have met. And hellishly witty and eccentric. I am never bored, and I have grown so much as a person since integrating into this wonderful fandom: the CumberCollective.

Anyway, I am so getting side tracked now. As per usual, this really does read like a diary (I promise I'm perfectly sane (maybe)). 

I got my chance to meet the main man himself back in 2015 at the first Sherlocked convention; bare in mind I went alone, knowing absolutely no one and I was still able to have the time of my life. I've met some amazing people there, and I got a taste of acceptance. It was fabbity fab. When I met B boy, he was visibly ill, but the amazing man still did over 600 pictures with fans from all over the world.

I look so cheesy and way too happy, but honestly, I cried 5 mins before this was taken (probably even less since I was in the queue at the time), and I don't think I have ever felt more privileged to live close-ish to London.

As per usual, I embarrassed myself, but that is a story for another time. After drinking a bottle of wine and some.

Since that point, I've met my best friends, my sisters from different misters, I have read stupendous fan fictions, I have felt accepted and loved, and I have encountered the true goodness of this fandom through various events like the yearly funding for Benno's birthday, Batch of Kindness which is a wonder in itself and its simplicity, and every single tiny good deed we do for each other. 

We wouldn't be this united if it wasn't for this beautiful, inside and out, man who decided to fuck law school and go do his acting thing. 

My next chance to meet him was at last year's Sherlocked which was the best convention I have attended. And it wasn't the convention, but the people who made it worth every penny. I had a chance to ask Benedict to do a funky face, which he absolutely did not know how to do, and I have a funny anecdote because of a simple miscommunication during a 5 second photo op interaction. 

Stay chill, B; and keep practicing the funky face. I await the day it becomes TM. 

He's like 'dafuq u talking bout, m9'. He still tried, bless his socks and chambray shirt.

So yes, thank you Mama Wanda and MC Timothy for making a treasure with sharp cheekbones and a questionable fashion sense, who has changed my life in many ways. Happy birthday, B dawg, you're not even nearly an old man, so keep living the life.

All the best, my dear Benedict.

Much love,

Lola xo


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