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September Favourites!

What I have been loving in the month of September!
Over the past month I have been a busy little bee; starting the month off with a fairly spontaneous trip to Germany for a few days, hosting one of my cousins and giving her a quick sightseeing trip of Birmingham and London in the 3 days that she was here, and then back to university, seeing plays, friends and trying to stay alive basically. See what I mean? Busy busy.
To start off with, I have really been loving the Instant Anti-Age - The Eye Eraser Concealer by Maybeline. The applicator is very easy to use, as all it requires is to twist the head of the concealer and the spongy top allows even application of the concealer. It is also super easy to apply the concealer under eyes as it glides smoothly under the eyes with no pain. Since I ran out of my Urban Decay Primer Potion, I have also been using this concealer as a base for my eyeshadow, and my shadows haven't been creasing at all!
Next up is the Strobe Highlighter by Makeup …

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